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WHAI - Evaluation and Knowledge Translation Lead

Title: Evaluation and Knowledge Translation Lead

Position type: Full time (37.5 hours/ week), 1 year contract with possible move to  permanent 

Location: Ontario

Salary: $60,000 - $72,000 (plus $1,500 in lieu of benefits)

The Women and HIV / AIDS Initiative (WHAI) is currently seeking an Evaluation and  Knowledge Translation Lead to join our team. We are looking for someone experienced  that can lead WHAI in effective community capacity building and strategy development  directions through the integration of evaluation (including collective impact, participatory, and community based evaluation approaches), evidence-based practice, and knowledge  translation. The ideal candidate will have experience in research, evaluation and  monitoring, and knowledge translation with a range of stakeholders. 

About the Women and HIV / AIDS Initiative (WHAI) 

The Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) is a community-based response to HIV and  AIDS among cis and Trans Women, 2-Spirit and Non-Binary people in Ontario. Through a  network of 17 Coordinators located in 16 AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) throughout  Ontario, WHAI aims to: 

  • Reduce HIV risk for women disproportionately affected by HIV. 
  • Enhance local community capacity to address HIV. 
  • Build safe environments to support women’s HIV-related needs.1 

WHAI’s work across Ontario is rooted in the principles of community development and  collective impact. Community development values the ability of community members to  affect change in their lives, in ways that are most relevant to them. Coordinators work as  liaison between community groups and organizations to collectively develop relevant  strategies to further women’s HIV related care. The WHAI Network uses a Collective Impact  approach to move our work forward. Collective impact refers to intentional ways of  working together and sharing information to solve complex problems. This work is typically  framed through a common agenda, shared measurements of progress, mutually  reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and strong backbone supports.

Position Summary  

This position will serve as a key liaison between WHAI Coordinators who bring the expertise  of the communities where they work, Ontario based evidence and research, and the  provincial WHAI team. They key role of this position is to strengthen WHAI’s evidence-based practice through evaluation, knowledge translation, capacity building and resource  development.

Key Responsibilities 

Collective Impact Evaluation & Planning

  • Lead the development and implementation of an impact evaluation framework to  strategically strengthen WHAI work (i.e. semi-annual progress reporting)
  • Play a leadership role in the identification of network goals and actions to support  the strengthening of WHAI work

Knowledge Translation and Exchange:

  • Liaise with WHAI Coordinators to ensure the strong integration of community  expertise into WHAI’s work
  • Liaise with external research partners to build a strong foundation of evidence and  epidemiological data into WHAI’s work
  • Take a lead role at planning, coordinating and implementing education and  capacity building opportunities, and resource development to strengthen WHAI’s  evidence based practice

Capacity Building and Resource Development Planning

  • Play a leadership role in identifying capacity building and resource development  needs based on community identified needs, research, and epidemiological data
  • Liaise with WHAI Director, provincial team and network in the development,  implementation, and evaluation of resources and capacity building strategies to  strengthen WHAI work
  • Supervise the Resource Development Coordinator’s work to manage resource  development

Relationship Building:

  • Build and maintain positive relationships with WHAI partners 
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with (and between) WHAI Coordinators
  • Promote meaningful communication, partnership building, and information sharing  between WHAI partners and Coordinators

Other tasks as needed.


The ideal candidate for this position will:

  • A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience
  • Have a strong understanding of the key principles of community development and  collective impact
  • Have a strong foundation in research, monitoring and evaluation with a focus on  equity, social justice and social determinants of health
  • Interest in strengthening Ontario’s HIV response for cis and Trans women, 2-Spirit  and Non-Binary people
  • Demonstrated ability to distill research and epidemiological data to  understandable community resources
  • Be skilled at facilitating both online (virtual) and in person meetings
  • Be knowledgeable about HIV prevention, care, and support
  • Be knowledgeable about inclusive education and knowledge translation practices
  • Strong communication, facilitation and presentation skills
  • Be committed to principles of GIPA/MEPA and Nothing About Us Without Us
  • Have a strong working knowledge and skill in integrating principles of equity,  diversity, and social justice with an emphasis on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous  equity
  • Have a university degree in a related area of study and relevant experience


  • Supportive and creative work environment with a small provincial team
  • Opportunity to accommodate hybrid and / or remote work schedule, depending on  candidates’ location within Ontario
  • $1,500 in lieu of benefits paid in two $750 installments
  • Vacation paid at 6% on bi-weekly payroll


WHAI is committed to upholding values of equity. We enthusiastically encourage  applications from members of groups with historical and/or current barriers to equity,  including, but not limited to:

  • Black, Brown, Indigenous, and newcomer people 
  • Trans, 2-Spirit and Non-Binary people, 
  • People who use drugs, 
  • People who have been incarcerated
  • People living with HIV;
  • People with visible and/or invisible (physical and/or mental) disabilities.
  • Other members of groups that commonly experience discrimination due to race,  ancestry, religion and/or spiritual beliefs, or place of origin; and

We recognize that many of these identities intersect and that therefore, equity, diversity  and inclusion can be complex. We value the contributions that each person brings and are  committed to ensuring full and equal participation for all in our community.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to the attention of Hiring  Committee at