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RFP-Strategic Plan-OAITH


OAITH is seeking proposals from qualified individual consultants or consulting firms to assist in the development of a five-year comprehensive strategic plan that will identify strategies and objectives for advancing the organization’s values, mission, services and vision for the future; will develop ways and tactics to achieve them; and will provide tools for monitoring and evaluation through implementation.

We anticipate this project to begin in July 2023 with a completion date of March 2024. 


The Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses is the provincial association made up of gender-based violence organizations who deliver shelter services, transitional housing and community-based support for survivors and their children.  OAITH is a registered charity governed by a Board of Directors who work in OAITH member organizations. Formed in 1977, OAITH provides a unified voice for our membership of over 80 organizations across Ontario. 

OAITH’s vision is an Ontario that is safe, equitable and just for all women, girls and gender-diverse communities. 

OAITH’s mission is to work towards ending all forms of gender-based violence and oppression through advocacy, education, research and education. 


 The consultant shall, at minimum, accomplish the following:

Planning Activity and Final Deliverable

  1. Design and execute a strategic visioning and comprehensive planning process including consultation with OAITH membership, Board of Directors, OAITH employees, and other key stakeholders (strategic partners, funders, etc)
  2. Develop an actionable 5-year strategic plan, including the following:
    1. OAITH values development in alignment with our vision and mission
    2. OAITH strategic priorities and goals
    3. Annual objectives and resources needed to achieve them
    4. Analysis of internal and external factors that can affect OAITH’s goals and objectives
    5. Communication, monitoring and evaluation
  3. Develop recommendations for implementation, including the alignment of the strategy with the following suggested categories of resources:
    1. Human resources – individual skills, competencies
    2. Financial resources – funding, monetary assets, revenue generating initiatives
    3. Strategic resources – brand, reputation, partnerships
    4. Organizational resources – culture, systems, policies, procedures
    5. Digital resources – digital infrastructure, equipment, online presence
    6. Program resources – content, technology, intellectual property, expertise

Consultation and Research

 It is anticipated that these tasks will be accomplished through a combination of activities, such as:

  • Focus groups, interviews, one-on-one calls, and/or any other method that will be useful in receiving stakeholder and community input
  • Facilitated group meetings with Board members to create consensus regarding a strategic plan (including goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics)
  • Review and present available related data and stakeholder strategic plans as well as any relevant research and best practices.

The consultant will have knowledge and experience in:

  • Provincial associations
  • Non-profit trends and current issues
  • Research methodology
  • Public consultation ( online and in person)
  • Statistical analysis
  • Presentations
  • Working with multiple stakeholders
  • Knowledge and understanding of gender-based violence
  • Knowledge about OAITH and our member organizations
  • Understanding of equity and access issues as they pertain to survivors of gender-based violence
  • Demonstrated ability to integrate in-depth knowledge of equity, access, and anti-racism into all aspects of the work through Taking Action in our Spheres of Influence


OAITH seeks the consultant’s recommendations regarding the best process to develop an actionable strategic plan to be conducted in two stages.

Stage 1. Aligning vision and mission with a set of core organizational values

 This stage includes consensus building among the key informants to:

  1. Confirm that the current strategic vision and mission:
    • Is still relevant
    • Is clearly stated
    • Is compelling
    • Is timely
    • Describes a clear and present need
    • Motivates people to act
    • Is a worthwhile challenge
    • Is audacious

       2. Develop key values, strategic directions & goals after consultation with the membership, Board of Directors, staff and key community partners, and stakeholders    This stage should produce the substantive documentation and solutions needed for informing the strategic planning process.

Stage 2. Write the strategic plan

Utilizing information from the first stage, this stage will include the development of an actionable strategic plan that will serve as the overall blueprint for OAITH’s action plans for the next five years. This plan should include:

  • An Executive Summary of the main findings, including key recommendations numbered and priority ranked
  • A comprehensive, detailed plan that identifies:
    • Values in Alignment with Vision and Mission
    • Key Strategic Directions
    • Goals
    • Objectives
    • Strategies
    • Tactics
    • Stakeholders and their roles
    • Outcomes
    • Measures of success


Supplementary information should include:

  • Initial communications strategies (What are the key messages? Who are the targets for those messages? How are the messages delivered? Who delivers the messages?)
  • Key values that incorporates anti-racist lens process to assist direction and decision making
  • A detailed strategic planning process model complete with key milestones and timelines
  • Performance measurement tools during the implementation phase
  • Strategic areas of focus and service priorities for the next five years
  • Services and programs (both current and new) that will support goals, including potential external partnerships
  • A review of the current status of OAITH, including existing plans, policies, financial status, long-term goals and other relevant, related research deemed necessary
  • An analysis of the external environment that will impact the organization in the near future



Proposals must include the following:

General Information

The consultant understands that the scope of work requested may be conducted by a single consultant, a consultant firm/organization, or by a partnership of consultants. The proposal should provide the name, title, address, telephone number and email address for each person engaged in scope activities.

Further, if a consultant group or partnership of consultants is proposed, the proposal should indicate who will serve as the lead person for the purposes of this RFP and the engagement, and how much time the lead person will dedicate to the project.

Consultant Qualifications

To accomplish the scope requested, the consultant will need to possess the following qualifications:

  • Experience at successfully developing consensus-based strategic plans
  • Knowledgeable of collective impact or collaborative strategic initiatives
  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of gender-based violence organizations and related work
  • Knowledge of strengths-based planning approaches
  • Experience at creating a safe environment for, and soliciting input from, individuals from various sectors and lived experience.
  • Experience at gathering and utilizing data to inform the strategic planning process
  • Experience in conducting virtual meetings and consultations

Work Plan

The proposal should contain suggested categories and description of the activities to be conducted by the consultant in order to complete the requested scope of work, including:

  • The specific activities to be conducted at each stage
  • A timeline for the activities at each stage
  • Milestones and deliverables tied to those activities
  • A detailed budget for each stage, along with a proposed payment schedule tied to project milestones and/or Overall budget should not exceed twenty thousand dollars ($20,000)


The proposal should include three references of individuals who can speak to their experience with the consultant in conducting projects of similar scope. Information regarding each reference should include the individual’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.

Previous Work Product

 The proposal should include at least two examples of written works similar to the scope of work requested within this RFP (e.g., strategic plan).


The proposals will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following

  1. Qualifications (30 points)
    • The consultant has the qualifications needed to successfully complete the scope of work
    • The consultant has prior experience working on similar projects
    • The Consultant has extensive working knowledge of the gender-based violence sector
  1. Scope of Proposal (30 points)
    • The proposal demonstrates an understanding of the project objectives and desired results
    • The proposal illustrates an approach to the scope of work that will likely lead to the successful development of an actionable strategic plan
    • The proposal includes an appropriate process to interact with the Board members including the entire membership as well as other stakeholders
  1. Work Plan (20 points)
    • The proposal adequately details project activities and milestones or deliverables associated with each stage of the scope of work
    • The proposal includes a detailed timeline for each stage and the work can be completed within the project timeline
  1. Budget (20 points)
    • The proposal includes a detailed budget for each stage of the scope of work
    • Proposed costs are reasonable and the schedule of payments corresponds appropriately with tasks, milestones or deliverables

OAITH reserves the right to ask clarifications from shortlisted consultants and will not provide feedback about unsuccessful proposals.  All proposals and supporting documentation will be treated as confidential. 


RFP for Strategic planning issued:                             May 11th, 2023

Deadline for questions from consultants:                    May 22nd, 2023

Responses to questions provided:                             May 26th, 2023  

Proposal submissions due date:                               June 12th, 2023 5:00 pm

Award decision communicated:                                July 17th, 2023 5:00 pm




Proposals must be submitted electronically by email addressed to Marlene Ham, Executive Director to with OAITH RFP in the subject line. 


All attachments must be in PDF