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Elliot Lake Women’s Group - Executive Director

Job Description

Job Title:

Executive Director

Reports to:

Chair, Board of Directors

Approved by:

Board of Directors


January 22, 2023

Job Summary

The Executive Director is responsible for developing and providing visionary leadership to empower a committed service team as well as enhancing community and funding (source) relations through the planning and management of the ELWG facilities and extended programs. The position is responsible for establishing connections and creating collaborations within the community and within other shelter networks throughout Ontario.  The Executive Director carries out many responsibilities including fundraising/grant-writing/financial management, human resources, program development and may be called upon to cover any position of the organization during unexpected absences.  

Key Areas of Responsibility and Associated Duties

Human Resources

  1. Provide supervision and support to the management team directly responsible for the daily activities of ELWG, including the care of residents 24/7/365 days per year.
  2. Hire and terminate staff and other contract positions as needed.
  3. Maintain outside business contracts for services required and supervise contracted services where required, conducting Requests for Quotes, ensuring fiscal responsibility.
  4. Conduct regular staff meetings to keep staff informed and address any issues.
  5. Continuously promote team building in all areas of the organization including staff, management team, and board of directors.
  6. Negotiate and administer collective agreement.
  7. Build and lead teams (service, committees, focus groups, etc.) by sharing and applying universal Principles of Project Management.
  8. Ensure ELWG human resources policies, procedures, and documentation (job descriptions, performance review tools, etc.) are in keeping with current legislation and generally accepted human resources practices.
  9. Develop and implement a plan to increase the agency’s representation of the community’s demographic makeup in all areas of programing and staffing composition.
  10. Seek strong community engagement and stakeholder involvement.
  11. Ensure human resources administration and record keeping is up to date and maintains confidentiality.
  12. Oversee and approve staff scheduling and leaves including vacation and legislated leaves.
  13. Liaise with human relations/labour relations firms with respect to contentious issues and collective agreement consultations including negotiations for new collective agreements.
  14. Implement appropriate training opportunities for staff and board of directors, including on-boarding, development opportunities and newly implemented legislative requirements.
  15. Attend community awareness events on behalf of ELWG that would impact operations and/or as directed by the board, which could include City Council meetings.
  16. Conduct employee performance reviews annually, by implementing individual performance development plans, and recognition program for exemplary service.
  17. Ensure ELWG follows all legislation, specifically Health and Safety legislation in all areas of operation.

Finance and Administration

  1. Oversee the preparation, dissemination, and analyst of annual reports with the financial team.
  2. Work with the financial team on all matters relating to the financial aspect of the agency.
  3. Apply to, report to, and negotiate with funding sources, including ongoing annual applications and one-time grants that may become available.
  4. Oversee bookkeeping functions and annual audit; ensure direction to bookkeepers is provided; determine training and equipment/software needs.
  5. Ensure financial report is submitted to board of directors for review monthly in the manner they have requested and be able to seek any clarifications needed in a timely fashion.
  6. Approve expenditures within established guidelines.
  7. Oversee all systems for collecting and recording statistical and financial data related to ELWG operations; ensure systems provide current and useful information.
  8. Oversee maintenance of all ELWG property and equipment.

Board Support and Liaison

  1. Provide board of directors with regular and accurate information on ELGW operations through monthly reporting on activities to support decision-making.
  2. Support board through their planning and consultation, with timely and articulate reporting, and open communication, in keeping with board governance policies.
  3. Assist board of directors in the orientation, development, and support of new board members.
  4. Enhance board and staff relations through ongoing activities to build trust.
  5. Maintain a unified voice on board of directors’ decisions throughout communications with all stakeholders.

Program and Organizational Development

  1. Identify policy and procedure development needs, by continuously reviewing existing policies and procedures for relevancy, updating as appropriate.
  2. Assist in identifying possible Board policy development needs, support board policy development; review existing policies for relevancy, make recommendations to board of directors accordingly.
  3. Review and revise programs for effectiveness, consumer satisfaction and accountability with a universal quality assurance approach and approved tools, including client exit surveys.
  4. Bring forward recommendations for enhancing organizational effectiveness to board of directors.
  5. Monitor local, regional, and national trends with respect to ELWG programs and related issues, identifying any areas of change to the staff and board.
  6. Ensure staff and board of directors maintains a comprehensive understanding of the issues related to ELWG program areas.

Community Development, Public Education

  1. Develop and implement strategies to establish and enhance formal and informal agreements with existing and potential stakeholders.
  2. Ensure that service development and delivery reflect inclusivity and a specific understanding of Indigenous, Francophone and Anglophone cultures and needs which reflect a substantial portion of our clients and community.
  3. Ensure that service development and delivery reflect a family perspective and a definition of family that respects inclusivity.
  4. Identify opportunities to build partnerships and leverage partnerships for potential joint funding applications.
  5. Generate community interest and involvement in ELWG program areas and related issues through development and participation in community engagement activities.
  6. Represent the organization in the community enhancing its profile and building its base of support through the delivery of effective, accountable services.
  7. Develop and implement ongoing public education activities to enhance community understanding of ELWG services and related issues.
  8. Respond promptly and openly to crisis, incidents, and complaints, informing board and funders promptly of all incidents and/or emerging issues that may affect the organization’s reputation with the community and/or funding bodies.
  9. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with media representatives; act as ELWG’s spokesperson in conjunction with the board chair.

Other duties as assigned.


Working Conditions

  • Office environment – extended lengths of time sitting at a desk using a computer, attending internal and external meetings.
  • Travel required; at times travel is extensive.


Minimum Education:

  • Completion of a university degree in a social services field or related discipline.

Minimum Experience

  • Minimum 5 years experience in Violence Against Women or Residential Shelters/Housing, or a related field. For example, administration, social work, business or a combination of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated understanding of domestic violence.
  • Demonstrated comprehension of the effects of trauma on adult survivors of domestic violence and children exposed to domestic violence.
  • Demonstrated ability to direct, supervise and support staff.
  • Demonstrated strong financial acumen.
  • Demonstrated conflict resolution and de-escalation skills.
  • Demonstrated diplomacy and professionalism.
  • Demonstrated experience working with a volunteer governance board.
  • Ability to advocate effectively on behalf of clients using a multicultural inclusive empowerment model.
  • Ability to support survivors in crisis with empathy while maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Proficiency across the following skills: verbal and written communication, collaboration, organization, and use of computer and technology for basic communication and work products (All Microsoft platforms, etc.) .


  • Valid Ontario Driver’s license
  • Use of own vehicle
  • Clear Criminal Records Check

Special consideration:

We are committed to build a workforce that reflects the communities we serve and to promote a diverse, anti-racist, inclusive, accessible, merit-based, respectful, and equitable workplace.

We invite all interested individuals to apply and encourage applications from people with disabilities, Indigenous, Black, and racialized individuals, as well as people from a diversity of ethnic and cultural origins, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.

Impact of Errors

The impact of errors made in this position are as follows:

  • Poor client service
  • Funding loss, resulting in loss of services/housing to the clients
  • Increase in Violence Against Women
  • Community impact (higher need for emergency services such as medical and police)
  • Employee turnover
  • Time lost
  • Negative public image

Key Relationships and Interactions


  • Frequently interacts with all staff, volunteers, clients, and board of directors.


  • Contact with government funding agencies, potential private and public funders, members of the public, community partners, and sister agencies.