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Huron Women's Shelter-Executive Director

Executive Director

Huron Women’s Shelter, Goderich, ON


About Huron Women’s Shelter

Huron Women’s Shelter, Second Stage Housing and Counselling Services is the premier organization in Huron County dedicated solely to women’s safety, mental health and well-being. Programming is centered on ending violence against women and their children, trauma recovery, mental health and providing access to resources and opportunities that increase independence.


Beliefs and Values

Women’s Shelter Second Stage Housing and Counselling Services operates within a feminist, anti-oppression framework. This means we use a gender-based analysis of violence against women and that we will challenge all forms of oppression. We recognize that women may face multiple forms of oppression and that these compound their vulnerability. Working within this framework also means that we will conduct ourselves and provide services based on the following values:


  • A respectful, compassionate, culture of listening: Women have the right to personal autonomy in making and accepting responsibility for their own decisions. We respect women’s choices and we respect each other. We will ask women and each other what we need and will listen to those answers without judgement. We will provide compassionate care.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness: We celebrate diversity and are inclusive of all women and their children within the limits of our resources. We recognize that women have unique needs and work to provide the right service to meet those needs.
  • Interconnectedness: We believe in collaboration and building partnerships within the organization, across the community and at all levels to provide comprehensive service and advocacy. We promote continuous learning to ensure we stay connected with emerging issues and evidence.
  • Integrity and accountability: We will strive to do the right thing and will be accountable for what we say and do.
  • Excellence and Leadership: We work to continuously improve our services and strengthen our advocacy to end violence against women and achieve women’s equality.



A world free from abuse, violence, oppression and poverty where all women have achieved equality.


We advocate for women’s equality, work to prevent violence, and provide services for women and their children who have experienced abuse and/or violence.

Position Overview

Reporting to the Chair of the Board of Directors and within the context of a feminist, anti-oppression framework, the Executive Director is accountable for the overall leadership and management of the Agency and all of its programs and services consistent with the mission, values of the Agency. In accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements, board approved policies and procedures, and consistent with the annual service and administrative plans, the Executive Director will ensure the effective management of all human, financial and capital resources of the Agency.


Overall Accountabilities

Leadership and Planning:

  • Ensures the development, implementation, evaluation and review of effective programs and service initiatives to benefit Agency clients which are consistent with the mission, goals, service directions and needs;
  • Ensures the existence of comprehensive standards, policies and procedures consistent with the Agency’s mission, vision and values and which comply with government directions and all relevant legislation;
  • Ensures the development of Agency plans including strategic plans, annual service plans, financial plans and funding submissions;
  • Collaborates with the Board and the community to ensure that programs and policies consistently reflect changing community and environmental needs and conditions.


Agency Management:

  • Ensures that the Agency operates within appropriate legislation, standards and guidelines established by funding sources and the Board;
  • Oversees the development of the annual service plan including establishment of operational goals and objectives;
  • Reviews incident reports, risk assessments and shift change reports as required;
  • Ensures communication with Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses, and other relevant organizations and provides the Board and staff with appropriate information regarding these activities.
  • Ensures the development of publicity and promotional information and material;
  • Ensures the development and implementation of progressive service, human resource, financial, IT and administrative policies and procedures;
  • Ensures the completion and submission of government and community surveys, reports and funding proposals;
  • Monitors and evaluates organizational structures and operational systems to ensure they effectively support the work of the Agency;
  • Ensures that quality measures are in place and that each service is regularly evaluated for adherence to legislative requirements, standards, accreditation requirements and the Agency’s mission and goals.


Board of Directors:

  • Works with the Board of Directors and its committees to establish short- and long-range Agency plans and monitors and reports on progress in achieving objectives;
  • Ensures the development of relevant policies in conjunction with the Board of Directors;
  • Collaborates with the Board to identify and implement strategies to mitigate risk as it relates to both staff and clients of the Agency.
  • Advises the Board on matters affecting the efficient and effective operation of the Agency;
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the Agency and responds to high profile issues and requests for information from the media;
  • Attends and assists in the preparation of board meetings and provides guidance and information on organizational matters; provides recommendations to the Board through regular reports and presentations;
  • Reports on relevant trends, issues, serious occurrences and identification of new programs and service requirements;
  • Ensures the preparation of all necessary documents and reports such as service plans, annual reports, financial statements etc. for submission to the Board.


Financial Management:

  • Responsible for the development, approval and administration of the Agency's budget which includes, budgeting, development of funding proposals, planning and reporting in accordance with established guidelines;
  • Authorizes expenditures and ensures that they conform with budgetary parameters;
  • Ensures that regular financial reports including financial forecasts are prepared;
  • Liaises with funding sources regarding budget submissions, ensuring that contractual agreements are met;
  • Develops and implements annual and long-range financial plans as directed by the Board.


Human Resource Management:

  • Ensures the existence of sound and progressive human resource policies and procedures which contributes to a positive work culture and engaged workforce;
  • Provides feedback, guidance, direction, leadership, support, mentoring and evaluation to staff and ensures understanding and alignment with organizational values, goals and priorities;
  • Ensures the development of strategies to support the recruitment and retention of a highly qualified and skilled workforce;
  • Ensures the existence of good practices and processes relative to the selection, hiring, performance evaluation, corrective action, and termination of employees;
  • Supports a culture of learning and professional development and ensures leadership development opportunities exist for staff;
  • Ensures the existence of competitive salary and benefits attract, retain, reward and recognize competent staff;
  • Ensures that appropriate training and professional development opportunities exist for staff;
  • Ensures that staff are familiar with and adhere to the Agency policies, procedures, practices and standards.



  • Identifies and creates opportunities for improving linkages, partnerships and joint ventures with other agencies and organizations and establishes and maintains effective working relationships
  • Networks and advocate with funding sources in order to negotiate additional funding to address funding cuts or other related financial issues;
  • Participate in activities concerning regional, provincial, national and international issues of violence against women and children;
  • Advocates on behalf of the Agency regarding critical issues impacting women and children;
  • Respond to public speaking requests in order to increase community awareness of Agency programs and services;
  • Represents the Agency at local/regional/provincial conferences, committees and planning groups;
  • Liaises with government and community organizations and participates on external committees aimed at facilitating open communication and identifying opportunities for increased collaboration.


Required Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Social Work (preferred) or a university degree in a related discipline or an equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in a senior management/team leadership position within the VAW (Violence Against Women) sector;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the various levels and programs of government.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Possesses knowledge of the feminist perspective on the political, social and legal issues pertaining to the issue of violence against women and their children;
  • Knowledge of all relevant legislation including the Child and Family Service Act, Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act and other relevant legislation;
  • Some knowledge of financial administration, including financial controls, budgeting and reporting systems in order to provide proper oversight;
  • Knowledge of progressive human resource practices, principles and all relevant employment legislation;
  • Relevant knowledge and/or experience with community, social service, medical and justice system services;
  • Knowledge and experience with municipal, provincial and federal government including ability to effectively lobby;
  • Experience acting as the Chief Spokesperson for an organization to effectively deal with media around sensitive and high-profile issues;
  • Ability to provide strong leadership, guidance, motivation and a clear and compelling vision to Agency staff;
  • Ability to develop and implement structures and systems and evaluate effectiveness
  • Experience working with Boards, staff, volunteers, and community members and ability to form strong partnerships;
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving, negotiating, consensus building, conflict resolution and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent planning, organizational, administrative and oral and written communication skills;
  • Knowledge and experience with MS Office products such as word processing and spreadsheet and database applications.


Strategic Priorities – 2016-2020

The following four strategic priorities will serve to establish a solid foundation to enable a strong and vibrant future for Huron Women’s Shelter Second Stage Housing and Counselling Services.

  • Enhancing Capacity: Ensure the Board and staff have tools they need to do their work effectively and compassionately as they respond to the unique and complex needs of women and children.
  • Securing Assets: Effective management of capital infrastructure and intentionally increasing revenues and resources.
  • Strengthen the Core: Focus on the internal operations of the organization to create a culture of inclusion, quality and accountability. Strengthen staff resilience by ensuring staff feel prepared, competent, and supported.
  • Engaging the Community: Promote the agency as a unified, multi-service provider and ensure community partners and citizens understand the range of services available.


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