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Anova-Request for Proposals-Strategic Planning


For the Provision of Professional Consulting Services Strategic Planning Service

Anova is seeking proposals from qualified consultants/firms to assist in the development of a new and
comprehensive strategic plan which will guide the organization over the next three (3) years (2020-2023).

Organizational Profile
Anova is a leader in the community when it comes to ending gender based violence. Our work is focused on not only responding to survivors when they experience violence, but actively working towards ending violence in our community. This includes addressing the root of violence, at both relational and systems levels. At Anova we strive to emulate our expectations for community internally, focusing on equity and justice for ourselves and our teams. Anova actively works to challenge systems of oppression, break down barriers from within and create a world where patriarchy is disrupted and dismantled.

We use a feminist lens and anti-oppressive framework to deliver prevention, education and crisis response to women and their families who have been impacted by violence and abuse in LondonMiddlesex. This includes a 24 hour helpline and emergency shelter, second stage housing, riskmassessment and safety planning, advocacy, system navigation, counselling, transitional housing supports and outreach, groups and programming, as well as leading community development and collaboration.

We have a bold vision to expand our agency’s impact and influence through effective partnerships and responding to emergent needs by disrupting systems and institutions that continue to allow violence to thrive in our community. Anova has 112 employees and is a non-unionized workplace governed by a Board of Directors. Anova was formed on April 1st, 2017 by merging two long standing organizations that served LondonMiddlesex.

Women’s Community House (WCH):

Founded in 1978, Women’s Community House became incorporated in 1987 and was a provincially incorporated, registered charity operating in the city of London servicing clients from London, Middlesex, Ontario and across Canada. WCH provided emergency and short term shelter and support to abused women and their children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its two shelters had a combined capacity of 67 beds providing safe, short term shelter, basic needs and counselling for survivors of  domestic violence and abuse. WCH provided a 24 hour helpline, second stage housing and community group programs for children and their mothers/caregivers. Its Outreach Program offered services to women including safety planning, legal and financial advocacy, consultation regarding housing and community referrals. The Family Court Support Program supported survivors of domestic violence going through the family court system by offering information and support around family law process and
procedures. WCH also owned and operated a social enterprise called MINE 101 which offered the surplus of donated items for sale to generate funds to contribute to the unfunded children’s programs at the shelters. This store continues its operations to support Anova’s children’s programming. WCH had a vibrant volunteer program and a speakers bureau through which it provided public education on the impact of violence to schools, service agencies, service clubs, churches and information fairs.

Sexual Assault Centre London (SACL):
Established in April 1975 as a volunteer based organization supporting women experiencing violence SACL became a member of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centers in May 1984 and became incorporated in February 1985 with its’ first permanent full time staff position being created in 1986. SACL employed 7 full time positions and offered individual and group counselling for women who were survivors of sexual assault, a 24 hour helpline, appointment accompaniment services, advocacy support and public education. In the last year of its operation SACL served 407 individual counselling clients, 804 crisis callers, 4000+ public education attendees and 100 girls through prevention programs with a budget of $695,000.
Anova’s current services are plentiful and work to address all facets of the impact of violence on survivors.

24-Hour Crisis Line
The crisis line is a 24-hour telephone crisis and support line in London and Middlesex County. Through this service, volunteers and staff members offer support to those who have experienced or are experiencing physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse and/or stalking. They also speak to concerned friends and family members of abused women, service providers, and other professionals in contact with abused women. Through the crisis line, the organization is able to connect callers with community partners who offer crisis services. Volunteers can also help with safety planning, referrals to other community groups, lawyers, the hospital, and provide information about abuse.

Emergency Support Shelter
Anova has an accessible emergency shelter where all women and children who are experiencing physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse and/or stalking are welcomed. It’s more than just a safe place to stay – while at the shelter clients can access: risk assessment and safety planning, one-to-one counselling and support, group counselling, social and educational activities (for women and their children), assistance finding a new place to live and accessing financial support, and referrals for free legal consultation. Our main focus is to provide a supportive environment to women who can no longer live in their home due to abuse, violence, or the threat of violence.

Transitional and Housing Outreach Support
This program is a service for women, with or without children, who have experienced violence and abuse and are trying to rebuild their lives. This is a goal-oriented program for women who are ready to develop and follow a specific action plan leading toward a violence-free, independent life. Through oneto-one support, we assist women in developing an individual "transition" plan. A transition plan will
identify short-term goals that women have for themselves and concrete steps needed to take to be successful in achieving these goals. In addition, we help women find the community resources that will help them build lives free from abuse. Resources may include: housing, financial assistance, legal aid, education, job training, immigration services, parenting support, court support, counselling, and health and wellness. Safety planning is an important component of this program.

Child and Youth
Children are often witnesses to domestic abuse, and internalize what they see and hear in different ways. Anova is dedicated to providing thoughtful and evidence based children’s programs. With a focus on trauma and violence informed services, our children’s team explores feelings and helps support kiddos and youth to process what they’ve seen and heard. It is our belief that kids are never at fault for the abuse they witness or how they process it. Because of this, we also work with moms and caregivers through individual and group counseling and therapy.

Sexual Assault Counselling
Our counselling program offers a safe space for survivors of sexual violence as we work together to understand the emotional impacts of abuse, rebuild self-esteem and support their development. We continue to provide focused group alternatives where friendships flourish and the survivors involved become a support network for each other.

At Anova, we would not be able to provide many of our programs and services without a large group of dedicated community volunteers. Volunteers at Anova help to answer calls on our crisis and support line, provide childcare in shelter, administration, maintain our gardens, kitchen programs and holiday programming. As well, volunteers are integral in executing successful fund development events and projects, as well as disseminating information about Anova and our programs to the public.

Second Stage Housing
Anova owns and operates a 25 unit apartment building specifically for women (and their children) to live in a space that has heightened safety measures. The Second Stage Housing building is meant to be a bridge for women who have experienced violence. A place where they can have an extended stay in a higher security building and access to Anova supports while they await the right time to find a new home in the private market or with subsidized housing.

Project Scope
The purpose of the Anova Strategic Plan RFP is to solicit an organizational strategy/approach that casts a long term vision that not only reflects the current social/economic and political context but also anticipates the challenges and opportunities Anova may face in the future. The plan should clearly articulate how Anova can best position itself to continue its strong role as a leader in social service delivery encompassing a trauma-informed, anti-racist/anti-oppressive, feminist philosophy and approach in the London-Middlesex area.

The plan should also outline objectives and priorities through the next three years and should include measurement indicators for evaluation and tracking purposes. The Strategic Plan proposal should include methods for establishing key strategic objectives/directions including but not limited to: an environmental scan; key informant interviews/focus groups; a review of relevant documents; Board facilitation and review of all pertinent information gathered. The plan should
also include recommendations for action to enhance the success of the long-term strategies. The

Strategic Plan should include a summary of critical issues Anova would face in its effort to meet the goals set forth in the plan, as well as available resources that can be commanded to execute them.

The successful proponent must have:

Experience successfully co-designing a feminist community building/research process
Experience in community based research
An understanding of trauma and violence informed practice and research
Experience in conducting comprehensive stakeholder consultation
Experience in creating strategic plans that are measurable and suitable for public review

Specifically, the consultant will be responsible for providing expert advice and facilitation throughout the project, and for the following deliverables, at minimum:

1. The strategic plan should include a phased in implementation approach (immediate 6
months/short term 12-18 months/medium term 18 months-2 years/and long term 2-3 years) to
achieve the mandate of the RFP.
2.  Project Coordination, including regular meetings and status reports to keep the project on
schedule and keep key stakeholders updated on the process.
3. Community and stakeholder assessment and recommendations as well as using appropriate
methods of communication and engagement.
4. Needs assessment / environmental scan – reviewing existing plans and documents pertinent to the comprehensive strategic plan, identifying trends and patterns that are applicable, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
5. Process and meeting facilitation; assisting discussion and decision making and ensuring that
conversations are progressive and innovative, and oriented towards creating a shared future.
6. Planning, coordinating, and taking minutes of all meetings, including community/stakeholder
consultation sessions and meetings with the Board of Directors. Plan documentation, including
development of an interim and final report for the project, including executive summary.

Guidelines for Proposal Development
We respectfully request that all submissions include the following headings with the appropriate content:
1.  Executive Summary
2. Scope, Approach, and Methodology
3. Project Management Approach and Work Plan
4. Declaration of Experience and Qualifications
5. Detailed and Itemized Pricing
6. References
7. Firm/Consultant Overview

Pricing, Budget and Additional Work
The vendor will provide a guaranteed maximum price for all project work, and shall abide by the price stated. No further payments beyond the contracted amount will be made for any additional time or services required to provide the deliverables outlined in this RFP. If additional requirements are requested by Anova beyond the scope of work described in this RFP, the cost of these services would be negotiated between Anova and the contracted vendor. Any additional work will only be undertaken based on a request in writing from Anova.

An invoicing and payment schedule will be negotiated and agreed to in writing with the successful vendor upon acceptance of the proposal.

Anova’s maximum budget for this project is $5,000.

Acceptance of Proposals
Anova reserves the right to not accept any or all proposals without stating reasons.
Notwithstanding and without restricting the generality of the statement immediately above, Anova will not be required to award a proposal:
When only one (1) proposal by a vendor substantially exceeds the estimated cost of the project;
1. Based on price (i.e. to the lowest-priced vendor);
2. Where the lowest quotation by a vendor substantially exceeds the estimated cost of the project;
3. When all proposals received fail to comply with the specifications of proposal terms and
conditions; and/or
4. Where a change in the scope of work or specifications is required

Closing Date and Time
Proposals must be received by the Executive Director, Jessie Rodger of Anova before 9:00AM local time on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019. Anova will not accept proposal submissions after the closing date and time.

Proposals can be submitted electronically in PDF format to the following email address: