Violence Against Women Training Hub

Our violence against women online training courses are designed for people working in VAW shelters, the broader VAW sector or in roles that involve supporting, advocating, or providing services for women and their children who have experienced violence.  Our learner community continues to grow with over 4,000 registered learners from Ontario, across Canada, North America and other parts of the globe!  

These courses will be useful for students or those interested in working in this field and want some practical learning to supplement their studies or build their understanding of the work. Access course descriptions for all available courses here.

Our learning management system awards badges once completing courses (and completing your course evaluation) so you can keep track of your learning and add your accomplishments to your portfolio or C.V.  At this time all courses, webinar and video content are free.  Your access will not expire, so you can take as long as you need to work through the materials, and come back to refresh your memory or access resources at later dates. 

All courses are evaluated and reviewed on a quarterly basis and new content is based on the feedback that you provide.  We value the needs of our learning community and hope you find OAITH's Training Hub helpful in your learning goals.