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Femicide in Ontario

FEMICIDE is commonly defined as the intentional murder of women because they are women. Broader definitions can include any killings of women or girls. OAITH's Femicide List includes women (and at times their children) or girls who were killed by men who are either a former or current intimate partner, a family member, someone known to them, or in some cases unknown but still targeted. This list includes women/children killed in Ontario and is based on media reports and other available sources. This means there may be errors or omissions.  This list is partial. 

OAITH reviews and analyzes hundreds of media articles every year that report and often sensaltionalize the violence women endure by men.  These men are mainly current or former intimate partners and can also include fathers, sons, nephews.  More broadly it can include other men closely known to them, and in some cases relationship to the victim is not released, but the gendered nature would indicate a Femicide has occurred.     

OUR WORK on Femicide includes women and in some cases children, who’ve been murdered by men in Ontario.  Every year we release our Annual Femicide List based on media reporting of women murdered by men in Ontario. Our work on Femicide Reporting is done in partnership with Dr. Mavis Morton University of Guelph.  Remembering the lives of these women wouldn’t be possible without the support of the students taking SOC 4030 F18 Advanced Topics in Criminology.  We greatly appreciate their commitment and care in ensuring these femicides and acts of horrific violence are not forgotten.

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Note: Updates to the list will be made as needed over the coming days up until December 6th 2020.  Please check back regularly for updates.  If you notice an error or omission you can send an email to info@oaith.ca  


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