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Femicide in Ontario

In 1995 OAITH began tracking women and their children who’ve been murdered by their partner, previous partner, family members, or other men close or known them. Femicide is broadly identified as the intentional murder of women by men.  Each year OAITH releases a list of names reported on by the media in Ontario to remember and bring attention to the issue of violence against women.

OAITH, in partnership with Dr. Mavis Morton at University of Guelph critically examine media reports of femicide using 5 positive and negative frames to evaluate and analyze media reporting.  


2017 Femicide in Ontario 

2016-2017 Annual Femicide List

2016-2017 Media Analysis


2015-2016 Femicide in Ontario

2015 - 2016 Annual Femicide List

2015-2016 Media Analysis 

2015 - 2016 Summary of Media Analysis