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Strengthening Gender-Based Responses to Violence Against Older Women



On March 20th and 21st, 2018, the Aging Without Violence project held a provincial forum at the Chelsea in Toronto, Ontario. Hosted by OAITH and an intersectoral Advisory Committee, the forum welcomed over 130 representatives from sectors across Ontario that provide services and support to older women. Presentations, conversations and other engagements ignited in-depth perspectives and ideas to strengthen a provincial response to gender-based violence against older women. From trailblazing speakers and audience engagement technology to facilitated group discussions, the forum solicited expertise from a vast demographic of culture, background, and skills and lived experience. Ultimately, the Forum aimed to bring people together who share a collective goal – to end violence against older women.

The forum program was designed to promote intersectoral collaboration within intersectional frameworks. The agenda included an opening night performance by Mixed Company Theatre whose production of "The Golden Cage" examines what it is like to be a senior citizen in a society that perpetuates youth and perpetually denies the fact that people age. The forum featured a keynote address by Jeannette Corbiere-Lavell who will be featured this year in the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights and named as a member of the Order of Canada in recognition of her advocacy efforts which were central to the amendment of the Indian Act in 1985.

Forum Presentation Videos, Slides, and Supplemental Handouts

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March 2018 Forum Report




Rochella Vassell – Elder Abuse Ontario

Safety Planning for Older Women 

                                       VIDEO                                                                                        SLIDES




leZlie lee kam 

LGBTQ Community Activist Creative community actions to preventing and ending violence against ALL women



Mandeep Grewal & Aman Virk - Punjabi Community Health Services:

Older Women and the Implications of Aging in Canada- A South Asian Perspective


                                       VIDEO                                                                              SLIDES                                                                                                    




Karine Denis & Annick Boivin – Centre Passerelle pour femmes

Groupe pour femmes de 55 ans et plus: aperu du guide et des meilleures pratiques 55+ Women's Group: Overview of the Guide and Best Practices

                                         VIDEO                                                                              SLIDES





              Supplemental reading: Best Practices for working with women 55+


Dr. Peter Jaffe- Western University

Domestic Homicides with Older Women: Lessons Learned from Tragedies 

                                       VIDEO                                                                                   SLIDES




Margaret MacPherson

Recognize, Respond, Refer: Lessons from the It's Not Right Campaign 

                                        VIDEO                                                                                SLIDES




Marianne Park: Disability or Deafness not a Secret Club


            Supplemental reading: Working with People with Disabilities


Jeannette Corbiere-Lavell: Closing Keynote 





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