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OAITH Provincial Fall Budget Submission

OAITH Budget Submission: They Stayed Open So Women Didn't Have To #StayHome.VAW Shelters Respond to the Pandemic

YWCA Advocacy in Action – Advancing Gender Equity & Feminist Recovery

On Thursday October 8th at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm ET, YWCA Canada will be hosting a thought-provoking panel discussion with advocacy leaders from the YWCA Canada movement to share lessons and promising practices while also celebrating their 150th year anniversary!

Register for the YWCA Advocacy in Action – Advancing Gender Equity & Feminist Recovery in Canada

OAITH Announces Mission and Vision During Pride Month

June 25th, 2020

Re:  OAITH Announces Mission and Vision During Pride Month

OAITH is pleased to announce that after a 1-year engagement process with our membership that we’ve developed a new mission and vision for the association that reflects and is inclusive of our membership and those accessing gender-based violence services and supports. 

Developing a vision and mission for a vibrant organization like OAITH, brings both opportunities to look at our history and to transforming our future, and the role we play in that ongoing process of structural and systemic change. 


OAITH Vision

An Ontario that is safe, equitable and just for all women, girls and gender-diverse…

Press Release from Interim Place: A Pandemic Within A Pandemic

Press release- June 3, 2020- A Pandemic Within A Pandemic: Interim Place’s Sexual Violence Support Program remains operational during COVID19.

OAITH Releases Statement on Racial Injustice

On June 2nd, 2020 OAITH released a statement acknowledging the recent events of racial injustice during the past week.  These acts of racial injustice and anti-Black racism are creating conscious movement-building resulting in what could be an historic, unprecedented turning point through increased mainstream public awareness and media engagement. Over the past few days, thousands of Ontarians have called for increased action and accountability in relation to anti-Black racism in Canada.  It’s up to all of us to create the change needed.  

Today and every day, we join that call, and recognize that while social media has brought attention today, these truths have existed for hundreds of years.  Here in Canada, Black and Indigenous…

OCRCC Releases Statement re: COVID-19, Pandemics and Gender

Ontario sexual assault centres are operating, with some modifications to services that include the closure of their physical offices.

New "Netiquette" Infographic from OAITH's COVID-19 Working Group

The infographic reviews 10 tips for online meeting etiquette and can be found here. 




OAITH Forms COVID-19 Working Group

A new working group has been formed focused on developing and promoting resources focused on assisting VAW services and survivors in navigating challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, state of emergency and related impacts. The working group is seeking information, tools and resources which may be helpful for Ontario VAW service providers and/or survivors of violence.

"Her Brain Chose for Her" Interactive Training Tool Now Available

A new training tool is now available to the public which provides a unique, interactive, arts-based learning experience to service providers across sectors which visualizes trauma informed approaches. "Her Brain Chose for Her" is now available in English and French as an online application and PDF download.

Violence Against Women Shelters in the Face of COVID 19

Tuesday March 17th, 2020  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Violence Against Women Shelters in the Face of COVID-19

Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses represents over 70 Violence Against Women Shelters funded through the Ministry of Children’s, Community & Social Services, across Ontario.  Our member organizations provide 24-hour services including shelter, counselling, crisis lines, and advocacy to thousands of women and children each year across the province. 

Amidst the current pandemic of COVID-19, VAW Shelters in Ontario are also responding to the existing Gender-Based Violence Pandemic.  We know that survivors of gender-based violence are most at-risk of violence in their…