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OAITH Announces Mission and Vision During Pride Month

June 25th, 2020

Re:  OAITH Announces Mission and Vision During Pride Month

OAITH is pleased to announce that after a 1-year engagement process with our membership that we’ve developed a new mission and vision for the association that reflects and is inclusive of our membership and those accessing gender-based violence services and supports. 

Developing a vision and mission for a vibrant organization like OAITH, brings both opportunities to look at our history and to transforming our future, and the role we play in that ongoing process of structural and systemic change. 


OAITH Vision

An Ontario that is safe, equitable and just for all women, girls and gender-diverse communities

OAITH Mission

OAITH works towards ending all forms of gender-based violence and oppression through advocacy, education, research and training 


Access more information regarding the new Mission and Vision here.