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"Her Brain Chose for Her" Interactive Training Tool Now Available

A new training tool is now available to the public which provides a unique, interactive, arts-based learning experience to service providers across sectors which visualizes trauma informed approaches. "Her Brain Chose for Her" is now available in English and French as an online application and PDF download.

Developed in collaboration with the Aging Without Violence project advisory "Her Brain Chose for Her" is designed to increased the capacity shelter workers, counsellors, nurses, officers, allied health care professionals and a wide range of supports in relation to trauma informed support across the lifespan. The tool includes:
  • 33 original black and white illustrations focused on the neurobiology of trauma and service delivery applications
  • Information and exercises to assist in utilizing an intersectional lens when providing trauma informed care, support and/or service
  • Unique content which explores the implications of aging on trauma and trauma-informed service provision and policy development
  • Creative expressions of evidence-based concepts which allows learners to have a "whole brain experience" in which both hemispheres of their brain are activated, increasing retention and engagement with the material

Read more here: OAITH Newsletter- March 31st, 2020

Access the tool in both French and English via: