OAITH Membership Benefits


  • OAITH advocates on behalf of all shelters provincially and nationally
  • OAITH collaborates across sectors through participation on various coalitions, campaigns, planning tables and consultative projects 

Government Relations

  • OAITH has consulted with Ontario Women’s Directorate, Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Attorney General, Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs and the Ontario Senior’s Secretariat on issues relating to our Member Organizations and violence against women 

Membership Engagement & Networking

  • Access to OAITH Committee and Regional Meetings
  • Membership with the Canadian Network of Women Shelters and Transition Homes
  • Access to cost savings OAITH Insurance Program for your organization

Education & Training Resources

  • Online training and education on VAW issues and skill enhancement
  • Responsive to the changing training needs of shelters in Ontario

Website & Communications

  • Receive timely updates on political events, resources and VAW issues in the Media
  • Up to date communiqués from OAITH on political decisions that impact women

Knowledge Development & Analysis

  • OAITH utilizes member knowledge and experience to frame issues and develop analysis from a provincial perspective
  • Regular participation in Membership Consultation calls throughout the year