OAITH Member Testimonials

"It’s an honour to be a part of such a dynamic and intelligent group of people working collaboratively across the province towards the common goal to end violence against women"  Toronto Region Violence Against Women Shelter

"Being an OAITH member has provided tremendous benefits to our organization on multiple levels:

Effective, current and evidence based training for all front line staff on VAW issues; advocacy across both Provincial and National levels bringing VAW issues to the forefront of our funders and policy makers; support with operational aspects such as job postings; and ultimately keeping us the members informed, educated and engaged"  -Central Region Violence Against Women Shelter

"Being part of Oaith has given me access to provincial information that I would not know about without it.  It helps create a network of sister shelters that allows me to reach out with questions or concerns as an administrator of a shelter.  As a shelter in the northwest being part  of Oaith gets our northern perspectives on the table of provincial legislators that that allows me to do better work. It also allows shelters to speak with once voice to support survivors of Violence Against Women"  -North Region Violence Against Women Shelter 

"Oaith allows the voice of our agencies and the concerns of our sector to be heard in a unified way.  It gives us an opportunity to have input and fulsome participation in discussions that concern the well being of our clients and our communities and provides the vital capacity to unify the feedback from these discussions into a meaningful message. Oaith keeps the ear of government listening to the issues we all face in providing critical services to vulnerable victims who arrive on our doorsteps every day.  Membership allows for our voices to be magnified so that the needs of our sector are not lost in the noise of the needs of all of the sectors who have organized provincial voices shouting out to government and to the community.  Membership allows for the different realities of our programs be they urban or rural, large or small to have an equal impact at the table.”  -East Region Violence Against Women Shelter