OAITH Board of Directors

OAITH is driven by our Provincial Membership and is overseen by a Board of 12 Members from across Ontario. OAITH Board Members can serve for a period of 2 years up to 3 consecutive terms. All Board Members are full voting members and are voted in by the larger membership at the Annual General Meeting.

2019-2020 OAITH Board of Directors


  1. Arlene McCalla, Chair, Toronto Region
  2. Sue Weir, Vice-Chair, East Region 
  3. Lorris Herenda, Treasurer, Central Region
  4. Kendall Trembath, Secretary/Chair of Membership, North Region 

Appointed Director

1.  Jeanine George, Aboriginal Shelter's of Ontario

Regional Representatives

  1. Sly Castaldi, Central Region
  2. Jane Scheel, West Region
  3. Sandy Watson-Moyles, Eastern Region
  4. Carol Latchford, Toronto Region
  5. Jennifer Chamberlin, North Region

General Director

1. Silvia Samsa, Toronto Region