OAITH Board of Directors

OAITH is driven by our Provincial Membership and is overseen by a Board of 12 Members from across Ontario. OAITH Board Members can serve for a period of 2 years up to 3 consecutive terms. All Board Members are full voting members and are voted in by the larger membership at the Annual General Meeting.

2015-2016 OAITH Board of Directors


  1. Charlene Catchpole, Chair
  2. Lorris Herenda, Treasurer
  3. Melody Rose, Secretary/Chair of Membership

Board Committee Chairs

  1. Sharon Floyd, Chair of Member Education and Training Committee
  2. Jehan Chaudhry, Chair of Social Justice and Action and Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression Committee
  3. Eva Kratochvil, Chair of OAITH’s Survivor Action Committee

Regional Representatives

  1. Lyn Allen, Central Region
  2. Jane Scheel, Central West Region
  3. Pam Havery, Eastern Region
  4. Silvia Samsa, Metro Region
  5. Lindsay McAllister, North East Region
  6. Debbie Zweep, North West Region
  7. Kate Wiggins, South West